Our company


We are a team of people driven by passion and values in life and in business. We want to be a model of quality and reliability in the market.



Development is very important to us, but despite our global reach, we want to remain a family business with values. Every day we provide our customers with products of the highest quality, tailored to their individual needs and expectations.


Our values

  • Quality


    It's a priority for us in all our activities. We do not compromise! We take care of every stage of production to maintain full repeatability and always the highest quality!

  • Tradition


    For 30 years we have been using the best traditional recipes, which we skilfully combine with modern technology.

  • Innovation


    We proudly call ourselves innovators. Every day we work on new solutions creating new trends and setting the standards in the sweet bakery market.

  • Taste


    True quality manifests itself in unique taste. We use knowledge, experience and the best ingredients to produce our sweets.


In our production parks we use many innovative solutions in technology, production, storage and product logistics.

We have the most important international certificates, thanks to which we can guarantee the highest quality and safety of production.



HACCP  is a systematic approach aimed at ensuring safe and healthy food through the identification and estimation of a scale of hazards to food safety from the point of view of health quality and risks of such hazards during all food production and distribution stages. This is also a system that is to define methods of limiting hazards and specifying remedy actions.

The Codex Alimentarus, as a top international body and authority in the field of food, defines the HACCP system as a system which:
- Identifies
- Evaluates
- Controls hazards which are significant for food safety.

The story
of one family

The story of Stokson is a story of success that is now entering the third generation. A story of past, present and future ingenious and persistent pursuit of the Polish family's goal - it is the story behind the brand itself, its success and its international expansion.


How our company was established

  • 1990


    Our company is established

    From the very beginning we specialize in the production of doughnuts made on the basis of our own, traditional recipe. Initially, we produce and sell doughnuts in a small premises located on the main shopping street of the city. A year later, a small Doughnut Production Plant is being built in another part of the city.

  • 2004


    Opening a new plant in Chorzów

    In 2004 we launched a modern Doughnut Production Plant, equipped with an innovative doughnut production line, whose family recipe is still unchanged. At that time, employment is growing and our doughnuts were delivered to over 1000 shops located in five provinces.

  • 2008


    We start cooperation with large retail chains

    In 2008 we started cooperation with retail chains, thanks to which two years later our doughnuts were available in shops all over Poland.

  • 2013


    Starting donut production

    In 2013, we launch a new production plant in Piekary Śląskie equipped with the most modern production lines. Thanks to investments, we are expanding our range with Donuts, becoming a pioneer Polish producer of real, based on the original, American Donut recipe.

  • 2015


    We start exporting our sweets

    We have successfully started selling our products on foreign markets, thanks to which we now reach all continents.

  • 2017


    Completion of the extension of the plant in Piekary Śląskie

    New production hall equipped with 3 modern production lines, two large warehouses and a comfortable office building. Thanks to innovative production solutions, we soon introduced Muffins and Cookies produced on original recipes to the market, as well as expanded the range with traditional sweet buns in many flavors.

  • 2020


    A leader in the production of sweet baked goods in Poland and one of the largest producers in this part of Europe

    With the continuous development of our company, employment and infrastructure is constantly growing. We continue to develop our presence on international markets. We are a quality benchmark in the market, as evidenced by our international certificates.

Get to know the Stokson brands


It is an offer full of sweets made on the basis of original recipes. Their craftsmanship is manifested in shapes and decorations that reflect the spirit of home baking.

Dooti Donuts

Characteristic American donuts are the basis of Dooti Donuts. They are distinguished by their original recipe, excellent taste, wide range of fillings, toppings and sprinkles, which together form a unique whole.


It is a brand created for lovers of the best American pastries. The FunBake offer is exceptional products of the highest quality.